A brain-dumping app that shows you what your brain actually looks like

Brain dump is the process of stripping away everything from your brain, from the blood vessels, to the cortex, to every nerve cell and every cell in every neuron.

It’s basically the brain doing nothing.

But, like many things in life, there’s one part of the brain that’s just so incredibly beautiful.

It is so special that it’s one of the only parts of our body that has an internal wiring diagram that looks like a giant jigsaw puzzle.

Brain dump is an app that lets you look at how your brain looks like without the need for a doctor or even a microscope.

Using a series of 3D images, it lets you see the connections between the neurons in your brain.

You’ll see exactly how they interact, and how they change shape when you look closely at them.

It’s not a complete brain scan, but it’s close.

The app shows you the neurons and how those connections change when you move the cursor around the diagram.

The diagram also shows how the cells are arranged in a particular way, which gives you a better idea of what each of them is doing.

Brain dumps are a lot more fun than brain scans, and can even be used to show your brain what it looks like to see the changes in it’s shape as you look away from it.

The app is free to download, and you can view the original images and the original diagrams of the wiring diagrams to create your own brain dump.

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