FourFourFiveTwo: Brain Dead Converse is finally out of print

FourFiveTwo – Brain Dead converse is now out of stock on Amazon for £2.99, according to a listing from Amazon UK.

The converse has sold out on its own in the UK since the beginning of February.

It was also available on Amazon in the US in April, but has since been removed.

FourFiveFour – FourFiveThree: Bionic Eyes is finally back on sale on Amazon UK for £3.49.

It has sold over 10,000 copies since it was first launched in 2014.

The first Bionic Eye was released in 2012 and it’s still available to purchase in the USA, the UK, and Australia.

The latest Bionic eye retails for £7.99 on Amazon.

The second retails at £9.99 and the third retails from £14.99.

There’s also the third iteration of the Bionic Ears – the Bionics Earphones.

They’re now available for £4.99 in the United States and £5.49 in Australia.

And finally, the Biosurge Bionic Earphones are now available on iTunes for £6.99 (via Amazon UK).

They have sold over 5.8 million copies worldwide.

The headphones also have a limited edition of 10.

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