Hidden Brain Podcast: Mind-Mindedness, Bionics and the Bionic Brain

A hidden-brain podcast hosted by an engineer and inventor shows off some of the latest developments in brain prosthetics, and shares some of his experiences. 

A brain-computer interface is one of the first applications for these new technologies, and the podcast focuses on brain prostheses that mimic the brain’s natural nervous system. 

The podcast is one that you will hear about a lot in this show, as this new technology is already being used in many medical settings, including in treating people with dementia.

The podcast, Mindful Body, was recorded over a period of about a month, and features interviews with a variety of experts on the topic.

Brain prosthetics are increasingly being used to help patients with conditions like Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease and schizophrenia. 

It is a fascinating topic, and one that we will hear more about over the coming months, with more brain prosthetic research and clinical trials in the pipeline. 

Watch the video above for more of the show, and check out some of our favorite episodes below. 

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