How to deal with anoxic brain damage symptoms

The symptoms of anoxic coma are often similar to the symptoms of a stroke, but they can be more severe.

Anoxic brain injuries can cause memory loss, difficulty speaking, blurred vision and coma.

They can cause other symptoms including numbness and tingling in the legs, and weakness in the arms, chest and legs.

Anoxic brain pain is usually associated with brain swelling and can cause a person to feel very tired and tired.

It can also cause a loss of consciousness and a loss in consciousness, causing the person to lose consciousness.

The symptoms of cerebral anoxic injury are the same as stroke, although there are some differences.

An individual who has anoxic dementia can feel numbness or tingles in their legs and hands.

They may also experience dizziness, difficulty concentrating, weakness and loss of coordination.

This is often followed by a loss or confusion, which may cause a patient to have difficulty in understanding the symptoms.

A person with anoxia also may experience an inability to remember words, or to form a coherent thought.

When the person is awake, they may be unable to move or speak.

Brain anoxic damage is a brain disorder caused by damage to the neurons in the brain.

It affects one in 1,000 people.

Its symptoms include:  lack of consciousness

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