‘I am the smartest, most intelligent woman I know’: Dad talks about his daughter’s brain tumor diagnosis

A father has spoken about how his daughter was diagnosed with a brain tumor and he was devastated.

James and Kathy Kuehl were visiting their daughter, who was diagnosed in March with a rare brain tumor, at a hospital in Michigan.

The parents, both 50, were shocked when they saw their daughter had cancer.

James Kuehn said his daughter and her mother, who also has a history of brain cancer, were in the hospital for more than a month.

The Kuehls were told their daughter’s tumor was so advanced she would need surgery to remove it.

But James Kuehrl said it took him and his wife a month to finally learn that they had an early stage tumor and would need to wait for the cancer to die to make the surgery.

James said they wanted to wait until they had her surgery to make sure she was OK.

But she was so sick and in pain, he said.

So, the Kuehs decided to go ahead with the surgery anyway.

James was devastated to learn his daughter had to wait so long to have the surgery because it was a major medical procedure.’

You can’t say no to someone you love,’ he said, adding that he was not sure what to think when he learned.

He said his wife, Kathy, told him she was sorry but wanted to do the surgery as soon as possible.

Kathy Kuehler said she was relieved her daughter was going to have a major surgery and that she was glad she was able to help her father and her husband in that time.’

I am really glad she got to have it,’ she said.

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