‘The Mind’ premieres on HBO as part of HBO Now special, ‘The Brain’

HBO has released an exclusive video of the new special for the first time. 

The Mind, a new show starring comedian Dave Chappelle, features two interviews with two of the minds behind the Mind podcast. 

According to the video, one of the two interviewed is the woman who was the first person to actually listen to the podcast.

The second interview with the woman is also a part of the special.

The Mind is a collaboration between the minds of Dave Chasper and Dave Foley, and the show will premiere on HBO Now on November 9. 

If you’re still searching for the podcast’s name, check out our interview with comedian Dave Foley and his thoughts on the podcast, Brain Fog Symptoms, from October 2015. 

This is just the first video from the new episode of The Mind, and it doesn’t sound like much.

The video is a quick recap of the episode, with clips of Dave talking about his career and his relationship with his wife, as well as his favorite things.

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