What do you need to know about brain injury, brain aneurysis surgery?

By the end of 2018, the brain and spinal cord are expected to be able to support normal function.

However, that is just the beginning of the journey.

As a result, as many as 40 million people worldwide are expected die from the condition, and the condition is now costing more than $10bn (£6bn) every year.

Brain injury research is in a state of flux, as some studies are now focusing on using artificial intelligence to identify new treatments, while others are focusing on developing drugs and other interventions.

However there is a growing recognition that the problem cannot be solved through technology alone.

So how can we tackle this problem and make a positive impact on brain health?

What can we do to improve the health of our brain?

Here are four ways you can help:• Invest in Brain Health Fund, an organisation that helps support research on brain injury.• Make a donation to the Brain Injury Research Foundation, which funds brain injury research and has an annual turnover of £1.5bn.• Take part in the brain training courses at The Brain Centre, which offers training in neuroscience, neuroimaging and cognitive rehabilitation.• Join our Brain Health Week, which is held annually in January, to get a better understanding of brain health and to support and inspire people with brain injuries.• Sign up to Brain Health Month, a campaign to make brain injury awareness more prominent.• If you are in need of brain support, contact your GP.• Watch a video on brain injuries and brain aneuploidies.

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