What is brain bleed?

Brain bleed is the sudden loss of blood in a person’s brain, but it is often confused with a stroke.

Brain bleed occurs when the blood vessels in a blood vessel are blocked, causing it to flow more slowly than normal.

Brain stem function is affected in this type of stroke, and brain bleed can cause symptoms including loss of consciousness and coma.

Brain damage may be severe, causing a person to be unable to function normally or be unable get to a doctor.

Brain blood flow, on the other hand, is usually normal in a healthy person.

A person who has brain bleed will be unable for a time to communicate, act, or move, but there is usually no lasting damage to the brain or the body.

It’s possible for people to get brain bleed without being aware of it, so it’s important to get medical help if symptoms begin to worsen.

Brain bleeding can cause severe, life-threatening symptoms, including loss or permanent brain damage.

Symptoms of brain bleed may include: a slight headache

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