What is the Pizza Brain?

The Pizza Brain, which first appeared in the New York Times in November 2012, tells the story of the creation of a pizza in an Italian restaurant.

In the article, author Jonathan Golding tells how a group of pizza-makers and restaurant owners met to create the pizza that has become iconic in the US. 

The pizza is made in the restaurant and sold by the pie-seller who serves it, not the restaurant.

The owner has to make a decision whether to serve the pizza to the customers or to sell it, he says.

The story also tells the stories of how a pizza was invented in a shop in New York and then sold by a pizza-seller in New Jersey and a pizza shop in Massachusetts. 

It also describes how the pizza was created and how a company from California became the owner of the business. 

“Pizza is about love,” the article says.

“And love is the essence of our lives.

The love we share with each other is the key to all of our happiness.

Pizza is an experience of communion, a kind of communion that we can’t get anywhere else.” 

“We are at the center of the universe,” the story continues.

“We are all part of the same universe.

We are part of a whole.”

The story then takes a close look at the history of the pizza and tells the tale of the journey of the pizzas creation. 

On a rainy day in 2013, the owner found himself in the middle of a restaurant and a group was talking about how they had just found out that they had sold a pizza that had not been made before.

He went back to his home and asked his son if he had the right to make the pizza for a business that he thought would be popular. 

When he saw that the owner was very happy with his idea, he decided to make it and sell it. 

Jonathan Golding is an author, journalist and documentary filmmaker.

He has written for the New Yorker, CNN, and the New England Cable News Network, among others. 

His film The Pizza Cellar is available on DVD and will be shown at festivals across the country. 

He was awarded a MacArthur Fellowship in 2016 for his documentary The Pizza Cage. 

You can follow him on Twitter @jonathangolding

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