What you need to know about the New York City Police Department’s new policy banning the use of cameras in their police cruisers

In a new policy announced Monday, the New Jersey state police said that officers will no longer be allowed to record their interactions with the public in the line of duty.

This means that officers can’t ask a citizen to show ID or ask people to get out of a car.

The policy comes after the NYPD issued a memo this summer banning the practice of recording encounters in the name of public safety.

It is a significant change in police practices in New York, where the police department has been criticized for its use of body-worn cameras and other cameras.

However, many police departments have had similar policies in place for years.

In some cities, like New York and Baltimore, the policy has been a contentious issue.

New York’s policy is the first to specifically address the issue of recording in the city’s line of work.

“As a member of the New Yorkers Police Department, we are proud to be able to utilize our unique and unique role as a police department to provide for the safety and security of the public,” New York Police Commissioner Bill Bratton said in a statement announcing the policy.

“It is our job to serve the citizens of New York State, and this policy is an example of that dedication.”

New York state police are also prohibited from recording interactions with citizens.

“In light of the recent events in New Jersey and the increasing concern around the use and misuse of police technology, the Department of Law Enforcement is taking steps to provide clarity for the public and law enforcement,” a department spokesperson said in an email.

“While it may be a new concept to some of us, the NYPD has been in a unique position to provide transparency to our communities, and we are pleased that the Department has taken this step.”

Bratton’s statement also said that the NYPD will now be reviewing its policies and procedures to ensure that all departments adhere to the same guidelines.

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