When dogs do it, you’re doing it too! | New York Times

The dog that went viral on social media after being rescued from a dog park has been featured in an online video.

The video, which is currently viewed more than 5 million times, shows a dog named ‘Barefoot’ getting his leash, a toy for a dog, and a new toy for his owner.

The dog, named Barefoot, had been wandering around a dog shelter, looking for his best friend, when he noticed a man with a leash nearby.

Barefoot decided to play with the leash and get a few more toys, including a stuffed bear.

After the man returned, Barefoot went on his own to play and play with his toys.

After a few minutes, Barefeet owner found his new friend, a dog called Chikara.

After a few months, Barefooted is now home with Chikora.

Barefeet owner, who also goes by ‘Chikara’ on Instagram, said he is happy that his dog has a new friend.

‘He’s a very playful little guy,’ said Barefoot owner.

‘I’m excited about it.’

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