When it comes to emoji, you don’t have to be a brain to love this one!

Hacker News user dakosky wrote in to share that, “I’ve been thinking about the word brain a lot recently and it’s a really fun word to make up for the loss of words like heart, child, and brain.”

She also pointed out that the word has a whole bunch of other uses in other areas, like in cooking.

Here’s what dakasky had to say: I have a lot of fun with the word heart and it was so fun to make a whole brain out of it.

I have been thinking a lot about the words brain and whole brain, so I thought that heart, whole brain and brain child were good choices for this word.

I’m going to be doing a whole heart and whole head and whole heart child soon.

I also like the fact that the whole heart is a very common word, and the whole brain is the most common word.

So that whole heart can also be made into a whole head.

It’s a fun word, it’s cute, and it just makes a lot more sense than the words heart and brain.

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