When the brain gets itchy, the brain’s brain arteries are actually functioning at their peak

By David Zimbalist Brain arteries are vital to the functioning of the brain, which requires the blood vessels that supply it to remain open.

This process is called vasoconstriction, and it occurs in the brain when blood vessels become blocked.

If the arteries are not opened, blood flow to the brain can be blocked.

The arteries are also essential to the circulation of blood throughout the body, which is why it is so important for people to have regular blood tests to see if they have blood clots in the arteries.

When the arteries become blocked, the body’s immune system can cause damage to the blood supply.

The result is that blood pressure drops, heart rate slows, and breathing becomes difficult.

These symptoms can occur anywhere in the body and can affect a person’s overall health, including: aching, burning, or sore muscles

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