Which NFL player’s brain tumor is the biggest?

It seems like the NFL has a pretty clear opinion on this question: Which player’s head tumor is really the biggest: a concussion or a brain tumor?

Well, the NFL Players Association, which represents every player in the league, decided to go one step further and take on the task of determining which players have the most brain tumors.

The organization asked its members for their personal opinions and, voila, it came up with the top 10 players with the most brains.

The NFLPA had already started a poll in late October asking fans to rank the 10 best players on the planet.

The results were published Wednesday and you can check them out below.

For example, here are the top five players on Earth.

Here are the 10 players who have the biggest head tumors:10.

Cam Newton of the Carolina Panthers10.

Jason Pierre-Paul of the Dallas Cowboys10.

Terrance Knighton of the Philadelphia Eagles10.

Calvin Johnson of the Detroit Lions10.

Joe Thomas of the San Francisco 49ers10.

Arian Foster of the Houston Texans10.

Michael Vick of the Atlanta Falcons10.

Eli Manning of the New York Giants10.

Brandon Marshall of the Chicago BearsThe list goes on, and on.

Here’s the full list of NFL players with brain tumors:The NFL and the NFLPA have been discussing the issue of brain tumors since early November, when the NFL released a statement stating that it was “aware of recent media reports that suggest there may be more head injuries among NFL players.”

The league and the union had been working on a proposal to address the issue for months, but it finally made it official on Wednesday.

The proposal is to have the league and union conduct a survey of all NFL players who’ve had at least one concussion.

The survey will be conducted between September and October and the results will be released by the end of January.

The NFLPA has until May 23 to submit the results.NFL players are also expected to be required to undergo brain scans at least once a year.

The league announced earlier this month that it would also begin requiring head CT scans for all players over the age of 21.

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