Which of these is worse? – The brain stroke or the brain hernination?

Brain herniosis is a disease caused by a protein in your brain that causes swelling in the brain tissue.

It’s common in children and adults but is more common in older adults.

It causes damage to the brain and affects motor and mental abilities, such as coordination and judgment.

When the swelling in your head occurs, it can lead to memory loss, cognitive problems, and memory loss can be permanent.

If the swelling causes the damage to your brain tissue, it’s called stroke.

If you have a stroke, the damage can cause permanent brain damage, as well as a decrease in the amount of oxygen your brain can receive.

The brain herniated is a form of brain damage that causes the brain to swell and cause damage to other areas of the body.

The most common form of stroke is known as cerebral infarction.

In the first instance, the swelling and swelling in parts of your brain causes your brain to bleed.

In some cases, this can cause a stroke.

In other cases, the brain bleed can lead the brain cells to swell.

The swelling of the brain can cause symptoms such as confusion, difficulty focusing, or weakness in your muscles.

It can also cause damage of the muscles, including your heart.

In both cases, it will take months or even years for the swelling to clear.

Sometimes, you may be able to get back to normal after a few weeks.

In rare cases, brain hernia can lead a person to die.

If your symptoms are mild or you are able to manage them with medications, it may take up to a year for the brain swelling to go away.

However, if you have symptoms that are severe, such a stroke can cause your brain and muscles to bleed and lead to a stroke death.

If symptoms worsen or are severe enough, your brain may need to be amputated.

In that case, it could take years to be able get the swelling out.

If there is swelling in other parts of the head or if your brain or muscles become paralyzed, the chances of survival increase.

You may have to have the surgery called a stroke of willy.

Brain hernia is a common cause of stroke in older people.

If it’s caused by an illness, such in heart disease, stroke may be caused by another illness.

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