Why are brain worms still around?

Brain worms, also known as brain worms or brain labeled, are microscopic creatures found in the brain and digestive tract of most animals.

The worms can survive for weeks in water or on a diet of food but can rapidly deteriorate after consuming it.

They are a common symptom of brain damage.

Brainworms are found on the backs of fish, turtles and amphibians, but they can also be found in crustaceans, frogs, salamanders and some reptiles, such as crocodiles.

Researchers are struggling to identify and understand the causes of brain worms.

Brain worms are extremely rare, with only around 1,500 species found worldwide.

A study published in the journal Nature in March revealed that worms infected with the Zika virus can be lethal to fish, and some species are even more aggressive than they are in their natural environment.

In addition, the worms can cause severe brain damage, and can even cause permanent brain damage in the cases of some fish and frogs.

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