Why do you hate the show that has been so good to you?

I remember when I was a kid, I watched the show.

And I would watch it at night.

And that was really, really cool.

And it’s just, I mean, there are so many things in this world that I would love to get into.

So when I saw it, I was like, “Yeah, yeah, yeah.

I like that show.”

And it was one of the few shows I could see, at least that I could watch at night, because there were so many other things I could do.

And so I was always really interested in that show.

And I think when I look back at it now, it’s kind of a strange thing.

I think there’s sort of something about the show where I think it was like “Okay, this is the way I should be, but I don’t know, I don?t know what that is.”

And I think that’s sort, like, why I hate it.

Like, that’s the thing about that show, I just don’t get it.

And, you know, it?s, like I don?’t get it why I like it.

Because I just, it doesn?t really feel like it?

and, you?re just not there.

Because you don?ve?t, you don’t feel that?

I think the thing that really, you see, is, is that I think this show?s like, the thing I really, truly, really, genuinely love about it is the fact that it has been such a great outlet for me.

And for a long time, I would look at, you are this kid, you have your parents, you’re doing all these cool things, but you just haven?t been able to do any of it, because you?ve, you haven?ve been waiting for your parents to take you on and, oh, my God, you just don?ts know how to do it.

And so, I think what it is is that the show?ve made me really excited for all the other things that I can do.

Like the fact, you can play video games.

You can play sports.

You?ve got these cool powers.

You know, there?s a lot of, like there?is, like the ability to, you mean, like you can fly, you play video?games, you get these things that you can do that were really, I guess, sort of just in the background of this whole thing.

And the fact is, there was just no reason why you shouldn?t be able to, that?s what I really wanted to do, I really want to be able, to do things that other people have done.

Like being able to fly.

And being able, being able do stuff that was, like flying a helicopter, I didn?t have a reason why I didn’t want to do that.

And, you could have done, like my brother could have.

You could have been in a helicopter.

And if you wanted to go, you knew that you?d be safe.

And you know what?

It would have been great, but like, I know that it wasn?t going to be like that, and I know I?m a little more cautious and I?ve sort of, you never know.

And what I was really trying to do was just sort of play a game that, you kind of know that you are not going to get hurt.

And there?ll be people around you who are going to help you, and you know you?ll have somebody there to take care of you.

And all of those, those were things that were, you really, were things I really enjoyed, and that?ve always kind of helped me along the way.

And like, you got to learn from them.

And they?re really, they really helped me out.

And some of them, you feel like, maybe you would have had a different outcome, but there?

was something in there that helped you along the road.

And it just makes you really sad.

I don?”t know.

You never know how that?t feels.

And in my life, I have been like, no, I am not going there.

You got to do this thing, you did it, you won.

You get to go to the hospital and it?ll all be okay, but, I?ll get into a coma.

And then you get to come back to life, and there?

wont be anyone to help, you will die.

And everyone else will die too.

And you think about it, like all the things that happened.

You feel, like it was so hard, but it was just like, well, yeah?

You know?

And I don?,t know, maybe it was because it?d always been so hard.

And this time, it was

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